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Simple cleaning routines performed on a regular basis help maintain a consistent quality of shave and maximise the cutting ability. Periodic replacement of ageing cutters gives your shaver a new lease of life. 

Much of the advice may seem obvious but is included as we’ve seen many shavers with clogged up, greasy cutting assemblies in need of replacement or a good clean depending on severity. This can be avoided very easily by simply removing the cutting head and blowing it out into a nearby bin or down the wash basin to be rinsed away. This will ensure the shaver never gets into a complete state of neglect no matter how much you dislike cleaning your shaver, and it only takes a matter of seconds. If you do this after every shave or at least after every few shaves you will avoid a troublesome build up of debris. 

There are further steps you can take in keeping your shaving head in good shape. For example Braun Shaver Spray is an excellent idea for all shavers. Apply on a weekly schedule and it will both lubricate and degrease the cutting blades. Immediately after using the spray the shave will also feel smooth and sharp on your face. We recommend a bottle of Braun Shaver Spray, it will suit all models and is easy to apply. Combined with the blow out method and your shaver cleaning brush this will be effective for any shaver. 

When using you cleaning brush on a foil shaver we recomment removing the foil from the cutter and concentrating on the inner cutting blade area. Be very careful if you brush around the foil as these are more delicate than many people give them credit. One of the most common cause of foil failure is due to dents in the storage or cleaning process.Electric shaver development is more than just blades and cutters, it has also impacted cleaning requirements. Modern shavers often have the option to be rinsed out under the tap as a tap washable feature, some are even totally waterproof allowing you to rinse them out in the bath or shower! 


However by far the most sophisticated are the ‘managed maintenance’ Braun Syncro and newly released Braun Activator range of shavers. These feature what is known as a clean and charge unit that acts as a stand the shaver will reside at while not in use. When placed in this stand the simple press of a button will allow the clean and charge unit to assess how dirty the shaver is expected to be, how long since it was last cleaned and also how much running time is remaining and whether a charge is neccessary. Based on the information stored within the shaver it will perform one of a series of cleaning routines and also if neccessary charge the shaver. 

The cleaning process is facilitated using replacement alcohol based cleaning cartridges, which depending on use will last around 4-5 weeks each. The cleaning routine can be tempered by the user and if required will allow you to extend the life of a cleaning refill. It should also be noted that the cleaning system is not essential, for charging purposes the shaver may still be connnected to it’s mains lead directly, especially usefull for travelling. 


Another approach is that taken by Philishave. They offer their Action Clean system that is suitable for most models. It allows you to remove the entire cutting head assembly and place it into a small cleaning system that enables you to pump cleaning fluid through the heads. This is an excellent way the clean, degrease and lubricate the heads to a standard that would be impossible with the supplied cleaning brush alone.Electric Shaver spares and accessories for the range of manufacturers we deal with can be accessed using the links below: 

Braun Shavers 

Hitachi Shavers 

Panasonic Shavers 

Philishave Shavers 

Remington Shavers 

If you have need for any spare part items not listed via the website we recommend you contact us. best foil shaver . All available specialist, model specific items such as circuit boards, casings, motors etc are available via our telephone mail-order service.
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